CBSI: Epicenter for Robotic Bariatric Surgery

CBSI: Epicenter for Robotic Bariatric Surgery

Technological Advancements in Robotic Bariatric Surgery

As we begin 2018, Most Importantly, it’s remarkable to reflect that on the technological advancements achieved thus far in medicine. Therefore, As technology continues to advance in all facets of our lives. Therefore, medical technologies have become more readily available. Dr. Brown has been utilizing the da Vinci robot to perform bariatric surgery since 2015. Because it vastly reduces pain and recovery time for patients after surgery.

He has conducted over 6,000 bariatric procedures. And over 600 of which were performed robotically. We have many people around us who have been suffering from this disease, and however, our institute is surely for these people. We have specialized doctors, they are professionals and best in their work. You can trust them and before the surgery, you can even come and meet them.

There are many benefits of the surgery. We have told you above about the benefits. But besides benefits, you will also have to care about your diet. The operation is short as compared to the other operations.

Dr. Brown operates the arms of the robot with the touch of his fingers. And allow him the dexterity to move the machine much like he would move his own hands. This guarantees precision during the procedure, providing a benefit over open or even laparoscopic bariatric procedures.

Watch as Dr. Brown explains more about the robotic bariatric surgery procedure below.

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