CBSI Has a New Hospital Location

CBSI Has a New Hospital Location

Colorado Bariatric Moves Office to New Denver Location

We finally have moved our office from Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center to Parker Adventist Hospital. Most Importantly, It has been quite a process which all began in January with me doing all robotic bariatric procedures at Parker Adventist. Finally, at the end of June, we were able to move our office too. Therefore, we are now all set in our new location, 9399 Crown Crest Boulevard, Suite 325, Parker 80138. With a beautiful view of Pike’s Peak.

Possible Explanation

I’ve been asked by many of my patients, why move? There were many good reasons for my move. Both for my patients and for me. Firstly, The Parker Adventist program “Center for Bariatric Surgery” has a very robust preoperative. And Therefore, postoperative program with several skilled dietitians and clinical social workers. They provide prep evaluations, 6-month medically supervised weight loss classes, and postop diet education as required by insurance plans. These classes are critical for getting our patients off to a good start. Our dietitians will also see patients postoperatively on a regular basis to help with any concerns or plateaus they may experience in their weight loss.

Another great reason for the move is the Parker Adventist facility. The pre-procedure area is staffed by seasoned nurses who are well organized with great bedside charm which is so welcome at times to relieve your stress. The operating rooms are equipped with the best robotic and operative tools for your surgery, and the recovery room is very patient and family friendly. Finally, your hospital stay is in large, updated hospital rooms with well trained staff ready to provide the best possible care.

Our new office provides a comfortable environment for our patients. The new exam rooms are easy to move about and parking is a breeze. Although the trip from north Denver may seem long, C470 makes the trip easier than navigating the streets of downtown Denver. I hope and trust the changes we have made will have a positive impact on you. We look forward to seeing you at our new Parker Adventist Hospital location. If you have any questions, please call us at 303-861-4505 or visit our website.

Dr. Tom Brown
Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute

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