How Cost Effective is Weight-Loss Surgery

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How Cost Effective is Weight-Loss Surgery

How Cost-Effective is WLS and Robotic Bariatric Surgery?

The health risks associated with severe obesity are extensive.  And with these obesity-related health problems–including diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and obstructive sleep apnea–come increases in health care costs.  A recent study found that while moderate obesity (BMI 30 to 35) drives up health care costs by 20 to 30% compared to those at a healthy weight, severe obesity (BMI 40 to 50) more than doubles health care costs.  Weight-loss surgery is a highly effective treatment option for severe obesity, and often improves or resolves weight-related health conditions.  Growing research is also showing that surgery procedures, such as the lap-band and gastric bypass, are also cost-effective treatments.


At the Obesity Society’s 2012 Meeting an analysis was presented showing that weight-loss surgery was cost-effective in eleven different studies.  In patients with diabetes, surgery was actually COST-SAVING in 3 studies, indicating that patients having surgery would ultimately spend less on health care costs than if they had not received surgery, likely due to the elimination of diabetes medications and diabetes complications.  A study recently published in the Journal of American Medicine showed that at 7-20 years after having weight loss surgery, patients were paying several hundred dollars less per year on medicine co-pays, than a control group who did not have weight-loss surgery.  Dr. Kim Marley, a bariatric surgeon, said: “This study nicely demonstrates what we have seen and known for years.  Not only does bariatric surgery improve overall health, but has the added bonus of cost savings.”

One of the primary concerns of weight-loss surgery patients is often the cost of their procedure.  While many insurance companies do cover weight-loss procedures, the insurance approval process can be intimidating to patients.  At the Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute, we provide a free insurance evaluation for your bariatric surgery prior to your consultation.  We want you to know what insurance benefits your carrier provides for bariatric surgery in order to help you manage the cost of surgery from day one.  We also offer special self-pay financing for gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve. Please call 303-861-4505 to speak with our informed staff concerning these options for weight-loss surgery.

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