Exercise: It’s Not Just for Weight Loss Anymore

Exercise: It’s Not Just for Weight Loss Anymore

Why Excercise is Important for Your Health

We all know that exercise is an essential component of weight loss. Many people compare the two so closely that they are unwilling to continue an exercise routine unless they are seeing continued weight reduction.  This is unfortunate because the human body has adapted for consistent activity.  Hunting, gathering, and other activities of survival required the constant physical endurance for which our bodies evolved.  The human body does not do well under today’s sedentary conditions. Below are some of the less talked about the benefits of regular exercise.

Depression and Anxiety

Multiple studies have found that regular exercise is exceptionally effective at reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Although even a brief ten-minute walk can improve mood, for a significant reduction in symptoms. 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise three times per week for at least ten weeks is recommended. And it may take up to ten weeks to notice long lasting symptom reduction.

Sleep and Alertness

Appropriately timed exercise can also assist with better quality sleep.  Studies validate what regular exercisers have always suspected; exercise helps people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and feel less tired during the day.  Regular exercisers appear to spend more time in slow-wave sleep. Good quality sleep is accompanied by a drop in core body temperature.  Exercise raises your core body temperature and an exercise duration for 30 minutes can cause this elevated body temperature for 5-6 hours. After which it drops below where it was prior to exercise.  If timed correctly (exercise 5-6 hours prior to desired sleep onset), this dip in core body temperature can trigger the onset of good quality sleep.  Better quality sleep can improve daytime alertness and energy levels.  Additionally, exercise causes the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, which increases mental alertness.

Appetite Regulation

This area of exercise benefit is a bit more complicated and may encompass more individual variation.  For at least somepeople, regular exercise appears to have a beneficial effect on appetite, suppressing hunger hormones as well as enhancing those associated with satiety. Others may find that it is easier to control food intake when they are well rested and more emotionally balanced (indirect effects of exercise). The Right Appetite is very important and therefore, we also offer you the services of nutritionists but separately. You can visit us and our professional nutritionists and they can help you with the whole process of diet.

Immune Function

Moderate regular exercise has been shown to improve immune function.  The methods by which this happens are still not well understood. Bacteria may be flushed out of the lungs and carcinogens processed more quickly via increased waste output.  Increased body temperature may also inhibit the growth of some organisms, and stress hormones, which weaken immunity, are reduced.

Regardless of weight, each of these provides a compelling reason to exercise.  Instead of thinking of them as additional benefits, focus on the one or two that are most meaningful to you and consider weight loss as a side effect.  You may be amazed at what happens when you aren’t paying attention, but wither way you will be enhancing your overall quality of life, which, when it comes down to it, is really the reason you want to lose weight in the first place.

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-Liz Rosenzweig, LCSW

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