Gastric Bypass Complications

Gastric Bypass Complications

We often have questions about potential complications from patients who are considering bariatric surgery. Like any surgical procedure, getting a gastric bypass could result in complications. If you don’t commit to lifestyle changing habits post-operatively, you may be at risk for gastric bypass complications 10 years later.

One of the biggest indicators of a surgeon’s skill level is their complication rate. Dr. Brown has an extremely low complication rate, which speak volumes given the number of bariatric surgical procedures he has accomplished. The overwhelming majority of Dr. Brown’s patients have a gastric bypass with no complications. Dr. Brown uses the robot to do surgery, which has been proven to reduce surgery time, reduce complication rate, and reduce recovery rate.

How do the risks compare to the benefits of weight loss surgery?

The risks don’t even compare to the benefits of surgery. Again, this is dependent upon the skill of the surgeon. A good surgeon who knows what he is doing will only operate on you if he knows he will see a successful outcome. Like any procedure, unforeseen gastric bypass surgery risks can come up in the operating room, but make sure there is a deep level of trust between you and your surgeon before going into surgery. Trusting your surgeon is the right fit will likely mean that risks and complications are lessened.

What are possible complications of bariatric surgery?

Possible complications of bariatric surgery can cause bowel obstruction, bleeding complications, anemia complications, dumping syndrome, internal hernia, and leaks. There are no common complications because complications are not common in Dr. Brown’s practice. The gastric bypass risk of death is very low, and if this is a concern for you, please discuss this fear at length with your doctor. Other very rare side effects and complications of the roux-en-y surgery could include neurological complications or chronic complications.

If your surgeon thinks there could be complications during pregnancy, he should not perform the surgery. If this is a concern for you, make sure to have a detailed discussion about your options. Neurological complications after bariatric surgery are extremely rare. There is not a big difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve neurological complications and long term effects. Gastric bypass risk factors are similar to gastric sleeve risk factors.

We encourage our patients to join a support group at CBSI. Doing so will help you stay motivated to continue your healthy habits years after surgery. Maintaining healthy habits and committing to post-op lifestyle changes will help to ensure you don’t deal with complications years later.

What’s the likelihood of complications years after surgery?

Truthfully, complications from surgery itself appear very soon after surgery. Complications that materialize after 5 years or 10 years later are due to improper lifestyle changes. When patients abandon the tools they learned post-operatively, complications are more likely to occur. If you want to make sure you don’t have complications later on, make sure you stick to your post-op care routine.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when researching complication rates is that the majority of Dr. Brown’s patients have no complications at all. If long term complications present themselves, that is a conversation you can have with your doctor. Keep in mind that your risk factor for complications is significantly lowered by following the guidelines you are given pre-operatively. If you have bariatric surgery and you stick to your post-operative plan, the risk for complications are very low.

If you are concerned about risks, side effects and complications of bariatric surgery, read through our evaluation requirements for likely surgical candidates on our website. Still have questions? Give us a call! We would love to answer them. . We want this experience to be as life changing as possible for you, and we are happy to supply you with any additional information you may need to feel confident that CBSI and Dr. Brown is the right fit for you!

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