Gastric Bypass Cost

Gastric Bypass Cost

Gastric Bypass Cost

When patients first research options for bariatric surgery, they are often very interested in learning about cost. We get many inquiries via Facebook, email, or direct calls to our office where people ask us: how much does gastric bypass cost? How much does a gastric sleeve surgery cost? With insurance? What about without insurance? These are all excellent questions. When deciding if surgery is the right fit for you, the cost can be a big consideration. Gastric bypass typical costs differ based on the type of procedure, whether or not you have insurance, and where you get your surgery.

gastric bypass cost

You also might want to consider gastric bypass surgery costs before and after. Before and after costs go beyond the surgery itself. Many people that struggle with obesity-related illnesses have to pay for medications, medical equipment, or other procedures. Many co-morbidities disappear with bariatric surgery. This means that your cost of living after surgery may actually go down. Make sure you choose a procedure that will change your life long-term, and not just suffice for short-term weight loss. Short-term weight loss may include outpatient bariatric procedures or liposuction, which may seem like more attractive price points to begin.

Typical Cost of Gastric Bypass Near Me (You!)

You may have heard of people who go down to Mexico to get weight loss procedures. The truth is, you will get subpar service for only a slightly cheaper price. The gastric bypass cost in Mexico is relative compared to the support you get pre- and post-operatively from a surgeon or clinic nearby. The reason for this is largely convenience. Going abroad for surgery may cut down on surgery costs, but will limit the interaction and the trust you can build with your doctor. It’s important to have those post-operative follow-up visits. Those visits allow you to ask questions. They also let your doctor medically monitor your progress.

Dr. Brown offers the lowest self-pay rate for bariatric surgery in the country. Truly. He’s able to do this because he has an extremely low complication rate and the Intuitive Da Vinci robot makes surgery more affordable and quicker to perform. The result? A low-cost, high-quality surgery performed by a nationally recognized doctor from a Center of Excellence. His fees include pre- and post-operative care and don’t have any hidden out-of-pocket costs.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost vs Sleeve Cost

The gastric bypass is a lengthier and somewhat more complex procedure than the gastric sleeve, which makes it more expensive. Insurance coverage varies depending on your carrier and the bariatric benefits you have. Filling out an insurance evaluation on the Colorado Bariatric website will give you the most accurate determination of what is covered for you.

As mentioned above, the self-pay rates at CBSI are the lowest in the country. A sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve) costs $11,800 and a gastric bypass costs $18,200.  Keep in mind that these costs cover all your surgery costs. These include hospital charges, anesthesia, unlimited post-operative follow-up visits, unlimited dietary support, and access to our practice’s literature and support groups.

If you are considering surgery, give our office a call. Our team can discuss what type of option is right for you—both from a procedure and cost standpoint! Dr. Brown may suggest one procedure over the other based on other medical conditions you have.

Average Cost of Gastric Bypass with Insurance

If you already know that you have bariatric benefits, you may want to just consider booking an appointment with Dr. Brown at CBSI. If your insurance carrier does support bariatric benefits, the majority—if not all!—of your costs will be covered by insurance. One thing you’ll want to check if you’re using insurance is whether your insurance carrier demands you commit to medically supervised weight loss. Some insurance carriers will only cover the cost of bariatric surgery if you fulfill six months (usually) of medically supervised weight loss.

We can provide this for you here at Parker Adventist Hospital, or you are welcome to try a medical therapy program first before needing to make a decision about whether or not bariatric surgery is right for you. In that case, we would recommend you go to a medical weight loss clinic, such as Peak Medical Weight Loss Clinic. At a medical weight loss clinic, you’ll have access to medical providers who are invested in your progress. Other weight loss clinics may not be able to address your specific medical needs when it comes to weight loss. 

What does Roux-en-Y Cost After Insurance (Out of Pocket)

The biggest cost of surgery occurs after the surgery itself, for patients that do not stick to their new diet and lifestyle. Gastric bypass surgery involves commitment on behalf of the patient. You will lose weight immediately after surgery based on the anatomical changes you undergo during surgery. In order to achieve lasting weight loss, you will need to make changes to your lifestyle. We go over all of this with you before, during, and after the surgical process so you are ready for post-op life. The main costs we see from patients after surgery have to do directly with how much they have committed to the lifestyle changes necessary for their success.

If you don’t commit to the post-operative diet, you are likely to see complications from surgery. Most patients see reversals or complete resolutions of co-morbidities after surgery. For those patients that slip back into bad habits, they may not see these high success rates. Instead, they may end up paying more money long-term to address those health concerns and conditions.

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