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Bariatric Outreach Weight Loss for Out-Of-Town Patients in Denver

 The Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute (CBSI) has been a regional provider for weight loss surgery at our Center of Excellence for the past 20 years. We have successfully provided many patients from Colorado’s rural communities. If you are ready to change your life by achieving the weight loss you desire. And you do not have high-quality bariatric surgery options available in your area, we are here to help you at CBSI at Parker Adventist Hospital in Colorado.

We have many people around us who have been suffering from this disease, and however, our institute is surely for these people. We have specialized doctors, they are professionals and best in their work. You can trust them and before the surgery, you can even come and meet them.

New Bariatric Patients in Denver | Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute

Providing the Most Efficient and Effective Treatment

At CBSI we continue to provide the most efficient and comprehensive program for our patients in Colorado. And also to the Patients who live in a distance. We have a complete multidisciplinary team that will help you determine which bariatric procedure is most ideal for you. It is our goal to make every surgery and follow-up visit as safe, effective, and convenient as possible.

There are many benefits of the surgery. We have told you above about the benefits. But besides benefits, you will also have to care about your diet. The operation is short as compared to the other operations.

Get Started with Our Bariatric Consult in Denver

If you are out-of-town and would like to arrange for weight loss surgery at CBSI, please contact our office at 303-861-4505. And we can help you begin the process. There are some preliminary steps that can be coordinated over the phone and fax. We can tell you how to facilitate some of the preoperative workups. That can surely be done in your own hometown, with your primary care physician.

After preceding Steps

Once you have completed the preceding steps, we can arrange for your consultation at our office in Parker. Surgery can usually be scheduled very soon afterward. Out-of-town patients should prepare to stay for a few days following their surgery. So that Dr. Brown can evaluate them and make certain they are healing well.

Follow-up after surgery can be easily coordinated by phone or email with the inclusion of your primary-care physician. We will work with you and your physician to complete necessary labs and long-term follow-up that is both convenient and effective.

If you are ready to achieve your weight loss goals and start on the path to a healthier and happier life give us a call at 303-861-4505.

CBSI is an ASMBS Center of Excellence that provides a quality and comprehensive bariatric program dedicated to patients who desire long-term weight loss and improved overall health. Come visit us in Denver, Colorado.

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