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Bariatric Surgery Patient Resources in Denver

At Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute, we want our patients to achieve healthy, long-term weight loss goals. It is after our bariatric surgery procedures have been completed. Therefore, the key to success is providing adequate resources for our bariatric surgery patients in the Denver area. In addition, including access to informative seminars, monthly support groups, and more to help hold them accountable. Also, monitor their ongoing progress with improving their eating habits and lifestyles. Look into the ways of thinking about their quality of life.

Patient Resources | Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute

Have Questions About Financing or Ongoing Support?

Our many bariatric surgery  patient resources include, but are not limited to, the following:

Before coming in for your initial consultation, we can help.  In fact, we help you determine whether or not your bariatric surgery will be covered through your insurance. If your surgery isn’t covered in full, we offer financing and self-pay options. It is to help make it possible for more patients.
Our doctor has performed over 6,000 bariatric surgeries and provides many seminars to discuss the risks. Also discuss benefits of bariatric surgery for prospective candidates. During our bariatric surgery seminars, you’ll discover the various types of available procedures. Discover expected outcomes, and more information about our free insurance evaluations and self-pay options.
We strongly encourage our patients to join our monthly bariatric support groups. This is to discuss issues they’re encountering with other patients. We host several support group events throughout the year. Which including grocery store tours, dining out seminars with nutritionists, and informative seminars with plastic surgeons and trainers.


New patients always have many questions about bariatric surgery. Find out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, including ones about health insurance coverage, determining which type of surgery is best for you, and many more.

Easy Access to Bariatric Surgery Educational Resources

Have questions about bariatric surgery in Denver? Check out Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute’s many available patient resources to aid you on your weight loss journey. You may also feel free to contact us at any time with any questions. Any concerns you may have for our staff about what you can expect. What to expect before, during, or after your bariatric surgery in our facility. You should expect to see positive changes in your self-esteem. Difference in social interactions, mobility, and sexual function as a result of surgery.

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