For the First Time, After Bariatric Surgery…

“I can put on my own socks. My wife has been putting them on for me for years, but today I did it myself.”

“I flew on an airplane and didn’t need a seatbelt extender.”

“I crossed my legs in Yoga.”

“I can wear tennis shoes that tie instead of Velcro.”

“I don’t need to use the handicapped restroom anymore.”

“I don’t have to wear plus sizes anymore.”

“I went on a date…and danced.”

“I used to hide behind baggy clothes and long hair, but now I wear tailored suits and sassy, short hair.”

“My husband is able to put his arms all the way around me.”

“I can see my feet.”

“I can tie my own shoes.”

“I am running a 1/2 or full marathon.”

“I am playing with my grandchildren.”

“I am shopping where I want.”

“I am participating in a triathalon.”

“I went zip lining.”

“I am going to Vegas.”

“I am wearing a bikini.”

“I am going on a cruise.”

“I have a dog.”

“I am riding a roller coaster.”

“I am driving a sports car.”

“I am sleeping without my c-pap.”

“I don’t have to test my blood sugar levels.”

“I am hiking.”

“I am hiking a 14-teener.”

“My child is able to put their arms around me while giving me a hug.”

“I am not out of breath while walking.”

“I am at a dance club.”

“I am able to use a regular scale.”

“I can maintain my weight loss.”

“My child can sit on my lap.”

“I went to the water park.”

“I went to the beach.”

“I work out at the fitness center.”

“I am trying Zumba, kickboxing, spinning…and liking it.”

“I have energy.”

“I am able to comfortably do activities of daily living.”

“I Park farther away from my destination.”

“I am aware of my food choices.”

“I feel in control of my eating.”

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