Nayeli DiazNayeli Diaz
20:56 30 Nov 20
I highly recommend this place and Dr. Brown! I was able get in for an appointment really fast, Dr. Brown is great and explained everything about the different procedures and which one he thought was best for me. If you are looking for a great place to get weight loss surgery, look no further!
Rachel SantiagoRachel Santiago
18:43 19 Jun 20
Every one was so helpful, curtious and very well educated. My entire dealings with this office has been amazing. I am glad that I came to this location. Dr. Brown is very experienced and I fully trusted him and his staff to perform my life changing surgery. Thank you Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institution.
Jeanetta RoblesJeanetta Robles
16:59 19 Jun 20
Dr. Brown is great! He has made me feel comfortable throughout my entire journey. He is very kind, and knowledgeable. I couldn't be more grateful to have such a wonderful doctor. The whole program has really helped me become a better person, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking into bariatric surgery.
Tina ZTina Z
00:21 14 Feb 20
Dr Brown is the best doctor ever! He and his team are so responsive and really care about their patients. They have a program to help you through the entire process! Truly a one stop shop to making the best decision I have ever made!!!! I couldn't be more happier!
dr stgdr stg
21:53 28 Aug 19
This was one of my best decisions! The office staff was helpful and friendly - they made the whole procedure happen seamlessly. Dr. Brown did a great job explaining and actually doing the surgery. I had no pain at all - honest - and the recovery has been very easy. In the two and a half weeks since the sleeve, I have lost 17 pounds and feel wonderful. Ask all your questions, follow their directions, and get ready to wear those favorite clothes in the back of your closet!

For the First Time, After Bariatric Surgery…


“I can put on my own socks. My wife has been putting them on for me for years, but today I did it myself.”

“Flew on an airplane and didn’t need a seatbelt extender.”

“Crossed my legs in Yoga.”

“Wear tennis shoes it tie instead of Velcro.”

“Do not need to use the handicapped restroom anymore.”

“I don’t have to wear plus sizes anymore.”

“I went on a date…and danced.”

“I used to hide behind baggy clothes and long hair, but now I wear tailored suits and sassy, short hair.”

“My husband is able to put his arms all the way around me.”

“I can see my feet.”

“I can tie my own shoes.”

“Running a 1/2 or full marathon.”

“Playing with my grandchildren.”

“Shopping where I want.”

“Participating in a Triathalon.”

“I went zip lining.”

“Going to Vegas.”

“I  wear a bikini.”

“Going on a cruise.”

“I have a dog.”

“Riding a roller coaster.”

“Driving a sports car.”

“Sleeping without my c-pap.”

“Do not have to test my blood sugar levels.”

“ Do hiking.”

“Hiking a 14-teener.”

“Our child is able to put their arms around me while giving me a hug.”

“Not out of breath while walking.”

“I am at a dance club.”

“I am able to use a regular scale.”

“Maintaining my weight loss.”

“My child can sit on my lap.”

“Go to the water park.”

“Went to the beach.”

“Work out at the fitness center.”

“I am trying Zumba, kickboxing, spinning…and liking it.”

“I have energy.”

“Comfortably do activities of daily living.”

“Park farther away from my destination.”

“I am aware of my food choices.”

“I feel in control of my eating.”

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