Weight-Loss Surgery for BMI of 30-35

Weight-Loss Surgery for BMI of 30-35

Bariatric surgery with BMI 30-35 should consider this procedure to help them lose weight and reduce their risks of developing serious health problems. However, this may not be an option in some cases due to serious health risks. Schedule a call with us and find out how we can help you.

Weight Loss Surgery with a BMI of 30-35

The therapy for patients in this category has been defined in a step-wise fashion. Therefore, the first line of treatment is dieting with exercise. Many patients through dieting can lose enough weight to reduce their BMI to the point where their comorbidities resolve or go into the break. However, studies have shown that for the majority of patients the weight loss achieved through dieting is often insufficient. And hence, weight regain is common without improvement in comorbidities. Well, this diet scenario is well known as the yo-yo diet–lose some weight, gain it back, and more.

Next Step

The next step for these patients is to consider weight-loss surgery. Gastric bypass has been especially effective in resolving type II diabetes over 80% of the time. The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and Lap-band have been shown to resolve type II diabetes 50% of the time. All three bariatric procedures will improve or resolve hypertension and sleep apnea as well. In addition, these weight-loss surgeries have all been shown to improve the quality of life with family and friends through better movement and activity.

Hopefully, this changes soon as they see the benefit that patients could derive from having bariatric surgery and resolving major medical obesity-related diseases.

We have made this process very easy for our patients. We realize their pain and the problems they have been facing. So our institute and team have tried its best to make things and the whole process easy. Surgery is just a tool, the most important thing is that you take care of your diet. Hence, We have many people in our society and community who have struggled endlessly with failed attempts at weight loss. But however, the weight loss surgery options at our institute has proved many good results.

There are many benefits of the surgery. We have told you above about the benefits. But besides benefits, you will also have to care about your diet. The operation is short as compared to the other operations.

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Dr. Tom Brown
Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute – Denver, CO

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