Is Bariatric Surgery Right for You?

Effective Weight Loss Surgery in Denver

Bariatric surgery is increasingly recognized as one of the attractive and viable treatment options, for those who are morbidly obese. Which means those who are unnaturally healthy. Clinical morbid obesity is a true disease state. It is a disease with a strong genetic component (25 to 50%). The disease is caused by the appetite center in the brain, as a result, which stores a wide range of fats in the body. And the person faces this disease. It is a disease and it must be considered a disease.
We have many people around us who have been suffering from this disease, and however, our institute is surely for these people. We have specialized doctors, they are professionals and best in their work. You can trust them and before the surgery you can even come and meet them.

How Bariatric Surgery Can Help

In the United States, 16 Million Adults are suffering from morbidly obese and is a relatively greater number. It is recognized in a person who has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 kg/m2. Or a person who is approximately 100 pounds overweight. Or who has a BMI greater than or equal to 35 with an obesity-related illness such as type II diabetes, sleep apnea, or hypertension.

Hazardous to Health

Most Importantly, Being seriously overweight can be really dangerous to your health because it is connected with a variety of medical conditions.  Surgery is just a tool, the most important thing is that you take care of your diet. Hence, We have many people in our society and community who have struggled endlessly with failed attempts at weight loss. But however, the weight loss surgery options at our institute has proved many good results.

Our Robotic bariatric surgery can help you achieve weight control for a long time. And most probably, it can resolve or improve co-morbidities for the morbidly obese. However, At CBSI, we perform all bariatric procedures robotically, which provides clear advantages over laparoscopic procedures.


  • More precise operation
  • Allowing for better visibility
  • Less bleeding and pain
  • Shorter hospital stay

There are many benefits of the surgery. We have told you above about the benefits. But besides benefits, you will also have to care about your diet. The operation is short as compared to the other operations.

Dr. Brown has performed over 6,000 bariatric procedures. And 1,000 of which have been performed robotically. CBSI is the only epicenter for robotic bariatric surgery in Denver and around the Rocky Mountain region.

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Why Weight Loss Surgery?

However,  A surgical weight-loss procedure that results in maintained weight reduction can hence, greatly reduce the life-threatening risk factors.

That includes:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Sleep apnea
  • High cholesterol
  • Joint pain
  • Infertility
  • Depression
  • 15-year reduction in life expectancy
  • Increased risk for certain cancers (i.e. uterus, colon, breast, prostate)

Do you know that many diseases take rise due to unnatural weight disease? It is a disease that gives rise to other diseases. Joint Pain and infertility are the 2 main diseases. There are many chances that these diseases will be reduced after surgery. If you haven’t thought of getting the surgery, then you must consider it. Because it’s letting the many harmful diseases enter in your body.

Getting Started

Firstly, in the journey towards a robotic bariatric surgical procedure is to determine whether a patient is a potential candidate. Bariatric surgery is an elective procedure for clinically morbidly obese people. It is for those people who have tried all the methods of losing weight but they have always remained unsuccessful in doing so. And for those, who do not find another alternative to losing weight.

These potential candidates for weight loss surgery include:

  • People who have a body mass index (BMI) of 40
  • Those who have a BMI of 35-40 that is combined with a co-morbid condition such as diabetes, sleep apnea, or hypertension
  • People who have a BMI of 30 or greater and a metabolic uncontrolled disease, like type II diabetes

Before reaching some conclusion, You must read the above-mentioned details and the bullet points. This is because we want you to get fully aware of what are the specifications. We also offer a free consultation, you can come and join us for a free consultation. Our team would love to help you. We understand your problems and issues and therefore, we are here for you.

Likely candidates seeking weight-loss surgery will undergo a series of surgical, medical, nutritional, and psychological evaluations. Bariatric surgery requires a long-term commitment. Besides commitment, It also requires you to focus on your diet. If you will only get the surgery and you will not care about the diet, then it will be of o use.

Support Groups

Once the robotic bariatric surgical procedure has been done, we provide and encourage involvement in our Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute support group to assist patients in continuing to maintain their modified lifestyle. However, Our Support group is a strength for our patients and new clients. Most importantly, We have always worked for the betterment of our patients. Above all, We care for their mental and physical health. That’s why we are here!


Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute’s Approach to Treatment

People who are likely candidates for robotic bariatric surgery will undergo a thorough team evaluation prior to any treatment. However, these are important steps that must be taken.

The Evaluations includes the following

  • Surgical  – Basically, Dr. Brown will discuss with a patient and they will tell him whether or not they meet the requirements for undergoing the surgical procedure. H will provide complete detailed information related to the treatment.
  • Medical – Above All, it is important for the patient to have a thorough medical evaluation, with complete specialty consultations.It is important for the health of the patient.
  • Nutritional  – Most Importantly, our nutritionists will help motivate the patient towards making the necessary lifelong changes in eating habits and exercise that must complement the surgery.

We have made this process very easy for our patients. We realize their pain and the problems they have been facing. So our institute and team have tried its best to make things and the whole process easy.

Bariatric surgery requires a long-term commitment to positive change on the part of the patient. And Which will involve modifying eating habits, physical activity habits, and overall lifestyle habits. Clearly, the patient must be prepared and ready for such a challenge.  To assist patients in continuing to maintain their changed lifestyle they have chosen, We also provide and encourage involvement in our CBSI support group.

We have always cared for our patients. Above all, Our patients have been our top priority. And for this, we have arranged different types of support groups for them, so that they feel at ease and at home.

For more information, contact our skilled and compassionate team at Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute at 303-861-4505.

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